Kane Brown Discusses Making Music For “People Who Don’t Like Country Music, But Like [Me]”


In a recent Pollstar feature, it’s noted that just prior to the onset of COVID-19, in February 2020, Kane Brown played a group of sold-out European concert dates in 3,000-person rock venues. It also highlights that he was the first solo country artist to perform at the BET Awards. As well, it highlights that he currently has five American Music Awards, too. However, it also notes that the Chattanooga, Tennessee-born vocalist has allowed the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to bring 16 kids and four chaperones to his shows. To Brown, it’s in the space between success and humility where his success ultimately lies.

“I’ve got people who like all kinds of music and say, ‘I don’t like country music, but I like you,’” he tells Pollstar. Continuing, he adds, “There are country radio fans, who hear the songs that are hits, and the Kane Brown fans who know songs radio doesn’t touch. And it’s all good.” But, he also offers, “I’m a guy who wants to make people realize you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I’m just somebody who’s [saying], if you like country music, if you want to be in country music, then you can be. Just look at me, and come on.”

As far as future album hits, via Instagram, Brown has shared a demo for a track tentatively titled “Leave You Alone.” The lyrics below note that this could be an ode to his wife, Katelyn:

“Cause my love won’t leave you alone / just so you know / when I say forever girl / I mean I’m never, ever going to do ya wrong / And I won’t let you go / talking us growing old / here’s us till dawn we’ll be going on and on / baby, my love won’t leave you alone / leave you alone / leave you alone”

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