Dead Space Remake Officially Announced


After multiple reports and the small yet noticeable revival of an old social media account, it turns out that Dead Space is indeed back. Electronic Arts is remaking the first game in the horror series with a game simply titled Dead Space. It doesn’t have a release date or window, but it will be coming out on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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EA showed off the new trailer for the game. In it, the camera pans through a ship, presumably the Ishimura, while “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” plays. A necromorph is shown at a distance before cutting to someone in a suit hovering over a workbench, as a Plasma Cutter is right beside them. No gameplay was shown, but the trailer did confirm that Motive Studios is behind it, which is what the reports had been pointing to.

According to the video’s description, it will be on the Frostbite engine, an engine most closely associated with DICE and the Battlefield games, and be a remake that will be “true to the original” while containing gameplay improvements. Those improvements were not mentioned. The rest goes through the story, which mirrors the 2008 original.

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This is the first Dead Space release since early 2013, when Dead Space 3 and its only expansion, Awakened, came out.

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